Dogs Treatment For Ringworm

Signs of ringworm are typically circular patches of broken hair in ring-like whirls. These areas usually heal at their centers, growing darker than normal hair. Surrounding this darkened area is a band of inflamed, reddened skin within which the hair is also broken off short. The most common areas for ringworm to occur are the face, ear tips, tail and paws. When these areas are examined with an ultraviolet light source the broken hair shafts often fluoresce.

In the few cases where the lesions are itchy, the skin is crusty, bumpy and infected with bacteria. Ringworm of the body shows up as a flat, round patch anywhere on the skin except for the scalp and feet. The groin is a common area of infection (groin Ringworm). As the rash gradually expands, its center clears to produce a ring. More than one patch might appear, and the patches can overlap. The area is sometimes itchy.

There is a non toxic cure for pet ringworm. Vet Recommended Medicated Ringworm Shampoo for Dogs & Puppy (16 Oz/473 ml). Make Your Dog Ringworm and Itch Free. Used for Regular Wash and Skin Treatment of Dogs. Made in USA. Many people ask, “how long does it take to get rid of ringworm”? The answer is simple…. In 3 to 5 days! Vet Recommended has antifungal and ringworm lotions to respond to every skin type and each type of pet!

Unlike human ringworm, the type of ringworm that is found on animals may have many different appearances. Ringworm is the most common infectious skin disease in cats. Although not as prominent, it can also affect animals including but not limited to: rabbits, dogs, chinchillas, ferrets, hedgehogs, cattle, horses and show lambs.

Caused by a highly contagious type of fungus, ringworm is easily transmitted by direct contact with fungal spores on the hair of infected animals, bedding and/or soil. On farms, acres and acres of fence line spotted with tufts of snagged animal hair can host ringworm fungus for years; therefore, horses and other livestock may be continually susceptible to ringworm re-contamination.

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